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Az Harāt tā Tihrān
Author: Nikūmanish Fard, Muḥsin
ISBN: 9789197825177
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Arash Forlag
Age Group: Adult
Language: Persian
Delivery: 2-5 days
Price: 189.00 SEK

Page: 308
Volume Count: 1
Print Year: 2011
Size: 14x21 cm
Edition: 1st
Place: Stockholm
Weight: 505
Afghan Studies
Published outside the country
Literature / Fiction / Original Language / Novel
"Az Harat to Tehran" is a novel by Mohsen Nekomanesh has been written in view of the Afghan refugee situation in Iran. There are over a million Afghans in Iran who are living in difficult circumstances. They openly discriminated against by the regime but also a large part of the Iranians. Many Afghan children are not entitled to education in Iran and thus have no chance to develop themselves in Iranian society. They are doomed to live in poverty and misery. The novel deals with some Afghan families' daily lives, not least some educated and intellectual people. Normohammad is a doctor and former political active in Afghanistan. Karim has also been involved in politics but now he is focused on the artistry. It hurts even more to be discriminated against and forced into submission by a trained person, and only because Your ethnic background. The author tries very much to go into the Afghan horrible experiences in exile. Violent scenes can not be avoided. While the situation is so bad that you need to play down the matter and keep the door open for reconciliation. The truth is that all Iranians do not treat Afghans badly. Therefore, Nekomanesh a realistic picture of the Afghan people living in Iran, although their joy moments. They gentle Iranians are represented in the book and there are also mixed marriages with afghans. Romantic scenes in the gloomy environment means that the book has several dimensions and is colorful.
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