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Speack out Zardosht!
Author: Golrang, Akbar
ISBN: 9781980579717
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Sheila Publishing House
Age Group: Adult
Language: English
Delivery: 3-5 weeks
Price: 780.98 SEK

Page: 353
Volume Count: 1
Print Year: 2018
Size: 15x23 cm
Edition: 1st
Place: Malmo
Weight: 568
Religion &.Philosophy / Zoroaster
SPEAK OUT, ZARDOSHT! is the result of thirty-nine years of research into Zardosht (Zarathustra or Zoroaster), and his doctrine. It is the conclusion of what is arguably the most extensive study ever done on this subject, certainly in modern times. Ashoo Zardosht lived from BC 660 to BC 583, and is the first known prophet of the world from the latter days of the Babylonian Empire until the earliest formative years of the Persian Empire. He was born somewhere in Azerbaijan, a region with a cultural structure similar to that in the emerging Persian Empire in the Iron Age. When Zardosht became an adult in his community he observed that the core of this community was corrupted and had become little more than a pretext for the governing rulers, priests, and warriors to cheat people in the name of religion. He therefore set about changing his society by bringing about a new form of a national judicial constitution. In order to achieve this objective he integrated his doctrine into the prevailing religions in a sort of syncretism which, in turn, later became a new form of religion called Mazdayasna featuring his new axion, “Good thought, good word, and good deed.” Zardosht was thereby a key figure in the later development of the ancient religion and philosophy in the general region of Persia and the neighboring earlier civilizations of ancient Sumer and Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, recognized as being among those considered to be the world’s three earliest civilizations, the other two being Egypt along the Nile and India along the Indus.
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